Mavi, the Turkish word for Blue.

Mavi is proudly designed and crafted  in Turkey, home of some of the finest fabric manufacturers in the world. Mavi jeans start with the highest quality denim which is then carefully curated into the best fitting and feeling jeans on the market, all at a really competitive price.

Whilst it is great to know where your favourite Mavi jeans are made, it is also important to know that the company behind these classic wardrobe essentials care about the way in which they are made.  Mavi prides themselves in manufacturing jeans that are responsibly made, sustainable and environmentally aware.

Sait Arkarlilar the founder of Mavi has lead the way in adopting new technologies that result in water minimisation, reducing pollutants, water and energy recycling.  Additionally all our production partners must be accredited with globally recognised ethical working conditions.  One planet, one future.