Levi Strauss & Co.

The two horse brand that everyone knows and loves, nestles closely against American history. When Jacob met Levi, a legend was born. Jacob Davies, a small time tailor found himself crafting a pair of pants for a customer who needed a work pant that didn't wear through quickly. He reached out to his fabric supplier, Levi Strauss & Co. where he soon crafted the pant with a heavy white duck cotton. He then spotted a pile of rivets on the table (usually used to attach straps to horse blankets) he hammered the rivets to the corners of the pockets reckoning it would help reinforce the integrity of the work wear. By February 1871 10 pairs had sold, in March business was booming, spreading by word of mouth. Unable to keep up with the demand and desperate to protect his new design a patent was needed. So he reached to Levi Strauss writing to him in July 1872. His soon to be business partner swiftly responded and Levi's lawyers filed a joint patent application which was finally accepted in May 1873. The two worked along side each other closely with Levi taking care of wholesale and selling fabrics while Jacob looked after the production process. Nobody knows when exactly but by 1925 customers had adopted the new term: jeans. Fast forward to the 1960's Levi's experienced significant growth in the midst of the "blue jean craze" with more people wearing jeans for casual wear. Today Levi's are worn by people from all walks of life. From workers to party goers. This family kept business is sure to have the perfect cut just for you.